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Do you enjoy Rugby, then play Coin Rugby
Over 40 Levels to progress through, increasing difficulty as you progress.
Game rules:-
   – 3 Nudges per try attempt
   – Score a Try by getting the Coin between the try lines
   – Attempt conversion after scoring a try

Challenge maps to test your skills and compete against your friends to achieve the highest score
   – High Score challenge map
   – Time Trial challenge map

The evil cubes have invaded your home planet, attacking and enslaving its people. Help Rect explore and escape the cube mothership and shut down the ships generators to halt the invasion.

Battle through the maze of levels avoiding obstacles and enemies, defeat the bosses to advance to the next stage.

   • Over 40+ levels
   • Various power ups and Hidden objects
   • Avoid enemy objects within the Maze
   • Defeat Stage Bosses

General, we need your help and skills to control the incoming cargo ships within our flight-zone to control docking and prevent collisions between cargo ships.

Protect the incoming cargo ships from pirate attacks using the Space Station auto turrets and call in fighter support when needed, whilst also avoiding the occasional asteroid storm.

Game Objectives:
   – Dock the cargo ships to the correct colour dock
   – Protect the cargo ships from pirates/asteroid storms
   – Repair and Rebuild turrets to maintain defenses

Latest Support Information

SpacePort 1.1.6 – Released

This release resolves the issues identified within release 1.1.5 which are highlighted below: This release resolves the issues identified within release 1.1.5 which are highlighted below: Auto-Turret Repair for 3rd[…]

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SpacePort 1.1.5 Issues Identified

The following issues have been identified with SpacePort 1.1.5: Auto-Turret Repair for 3rd turret in maps Auto-Turret Rebuild for 3rd turret in maps upload of scores to GameCentre/Google Play leaderboards[…]

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Coin-Rugby 1.3.3 – Released

CoinRugby 1.3.3 released on the IOS App store. This version resolves the iPhone 6 and 7 Scaling issues and also scaling issues with various iPad sizes, also resolved some minor[…]

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We Create
fun and enjoyable games for mobile platforms!

We are a small indie development team that create fun and enjoyable games for mobile platforms.  We started developing games in 2015 for IOS devices and have since expanded to include support for  Andriod devices.
We hope you enjoy out games and thanks for supporting us

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