RECT’s world has been invaded by the evil cubes in their monstrous mothership and has been taken from his home. Now he must stop the cubes by escaping his prison, disabling the main generators and taking down the cubes’ evil leader…

So Download Now and Help Rect Save his Planet

The Hero:

This Is our HERO for this story, he has many names but we know him as Rect. Play as him through the levels and help take down the villain.

The Mothership:

This technological mess is the result of a terraformed world, it must now be destroyed before its to late, and Rect’s world is transformed into a cold, metal, lifeless ship.

The Villain:

This is our VILLAIN, he is a mystery to all, no one knows his origins or his name; they only know him as  Emperor Degrees. He has invaded Rect’s world to turn it into another Mothership

The Shooter

The Shooter moves around the levels and is on constant lookout for the player and will fire on site. Be careful to stay clear of these guys.


The Bomb:

The bomb will sense the player within a certain range and explode! The bomb will also take out bits of the maps floor. Be sure to not go near these, they pack-a-punch.

The Turret:

The turret is set in a fixed position but will swivel around to aim and shoot at the player if you are within a certain range so be sure to STAY AWAY!

The Heart:

The heart gives the player more life to continue on playing through the levels. Be sure to look out for these if you have low life.


The Chest:

The chest can give either a heart, shield or extra life, any of these can help the player storm through the levels. So if you see one be sure to pick it up.

The Shield:

The shield can give protection for players from lasers or explosions. The players life will only be affected if the shield is fully depleted.